I Am A Gamer: My First Game Jam, and How You Can Survive Yours

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If you are a gamer, particularly one interested in indie gaming, you've probably heard of game jams, events where game developers of varying discipline and experience are challenged to produce a game with a particular theme within a 48 hour period. The idea is to get the creative juices flowing and produce something that is, if not exactly polished, a fun, unique, and hopefully original take on the theme. One such jam, the iamagamer.ca jam for strong female protagonists, took place in … [Read more...]

Cool Gaming and Classy Grub: The EXP Restaurant and Bar in Vancouver, BC


  (If you’re looking for the results of the PAX/Colour Bind contest, scroll to the bottom!) There are a lot of reasons Vancouver’s a great town to be a geek in; aside from the boring old “mainstream” stuff like beautiful sea, mountains, and cityscapes, there are plenty of comic book stores, scores of video game developers, and more anime fans than you can shake a stick at. Now a new reason to embrace Vancouver geekery has emerged in the form of the EXP Restaurant and Bar, one of the … [Read more...]