Almost Human: Almost There


A few seasons ago, fantasy series seemed to be the "in" thing for network TV; this year I'm noticing more of a sci-fi bent.  Almost Human is a prime example; the show is set 35 years in the future, and is essentially a buddy cop bromance between a human with baggage and issues expressing his emotions and a rogue, extra-emotional and intuitive android.  It may seem a bit cliche or cheesy, and it vaguely reminds me of Alien Nation from time to time, but it's growing on me... almost. Fox chose … [Read more...]

Brave New World 3 – Hope You Guess My Name


Ah, Gentle Readers, I return, at last, to the world I’m creating for a D&D Next campaign. In my previous articles (1, 2, I began my work by coming up with a feel for the game (a points of light model, based loosely on Medieval Europe influenced by the Interregnum period of the Holy Roman Empire) and deciding to use an old blank, pre-made map as the beginnings of my campaign’s geography. I’m lacking some things I normally like to have in place, like a name for the campaign or an … [Read more...]