Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Crossover Goodness

Lego Marvel Super Heroes preview - video

For someone who did not play much with Legos growing up (I'm an Earthling, I swear) I am surprisingly fond of the Lego games.  There's not much Lego nostalgia in it for me; they're just... cute.  And satisfying; they somehow manage to scratch that "break all the things" itch without being particularly violent.  Also, since most of the console games I enjoy tend to be primarily one-player affairs, I like that Lego, to me, is much better in co-op mode.  And, of course, I enjoy the movies that are … [Read more...]

Thor and Wolverine: Peas in a Pod?


It feels like just yesterday that I was writing about the upcoming Wolverine and Thor movies, but apparently it was years ago!  And here I am once again: this week, the Internet has been alive with dueling trailers.  That's not even counting Iron Man 3, which has actually somewhat snuck up on me; I tend to follow movies more in preproduction/filming stage and forget once they're in post, and I ditched cable years ago so I'm not inundated with commercials. It's a pleasant surprise. I'd have to … [Read more...]

KK’s Keen Comics: February 6th, 2013 Releases

Star Trek #17 cover

Welcome Back! This is my column where I highlight the comics that delighted and surprised me for the week, and I’ve got some good ones for you once again! Star Trek #17  This comic follows the adventures of the starship Enterprise, in the J.J. Abrams movie continuity. Some storylines are retellings of classic trek episodes that turn out differently with the personality shifts due to the alternate continuity in the characters, but the best ones are the detailed character dives. There was a nice … [Read more...]

Adventure Time: Fun for All


Here's something about me that's maybe not-so-geeky: I'm not a big fan of anime.  Oh sure, Sailormoon had a big place in my heart - huge - for about ten years, and only the Japanese version would do; still, nothing else has ever taken its place.  And I've certainly been introduced to my share of series and stand-alones; I even joined the Anime Club in college due to the urging of some friends. I've seen most of the classics. Not bad, but not me. However, last night I realized that I've … [Read more...]

The Avengers: Lessons to be Learned


Despite my best efforts I know I'm a few weeks behind everyone else, but I finally got to see The Avengers.  Now, if you've read any of my other posts you may know that I constantly struggle with my dark, hipster side; I like discovering things before they're cool, and if large amounts of people go on about how so-and-so is fabulous, I tend to be skeptical.  Yes, I know this is a flaw.  Yes, I know that's kind of incongruous from a self-proclaimed geek - but maybe it won't surprise you to learn … [Read more...]

Being A Bookworm: A Little Less Lonely


Today, for about the fifth time, I was told I need to read The Hunger Games.  I'm told it's a YA (young adult) series set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic North America where there's a Running Man-esque TV show.  I don't know much more than that, and that these characters have some bizarre names that will probably be making their way into the 2015 - 2020 lists of top baby names.  Oh, and that there was some controversy about a movie tie-in nail polish.  Sometimes I feel like I get my information … [Read more...]

Sherlock: Anatomy of a Reboot


So, has anyone seen the new Sherlock? What's that?  You're not sure whether I'm talking about the movie or the TV series?  Because there are two Sherlock franchises producing new content at the same time and both are quite popular?  Inconceivable!   There hasn't been an original idea in film since... well... ever, but eyebrows have been raised even more in recent years with the idea of "reboots."  Unlike a loosely-related next-generation "sequel," reboots can continue to profit from … [Read more...]

X-Men: Next Class?


This past weekend, on a whim, I decided to see X-Men: First Class.  I wasn't sure if I was going to catch it in movie theaters or not; the last two installments in the franchise, including the much-anticipated Wolverine movie, were decidedly meh and I wasn't incredibly interesting in sitting through more at movie theater prices.  However, I noticed it was getting good reviews at Rotten Tomatoes, and decided to take a chance. I'm glad I did!  It really was a breath of fresh air for the … [Read more...]

Oh, Canada: Superpowers North of the 49th


Ah, the glorious beginning of summer: barbeques, fireworks, patriotism, and a statutory holiday from work. I’m speaking, of course, of Canada Day. What? You thought I was talking about some other day? I spent Sunday watching topless drag queens spraying parade floats with water guns (at Toronto Pride), I don’t know what you did. And in honour of the Truth North Strong and Totally Kick-ass, let’s talk about Canadian superheroes. There’s the regional supes like the Halifax Explosion, and then … [Read more...]

Dreamgirl Introductions: Meet C


My name is C. Well, actually, it’s Connie Thomson. I also answer to my internet handle, Ariel Manx (you get a cookie if you know where that name comes from!). Regardless of what you call me, I’m Girl Thursday here at Geek’s Dream Girl. The short bio of my life is that I’m a farm kid from North Dakota who dreamed of being a writer, and now that’s what I do. But I took a long and winding path to get here. My geekiness extends clear back to childhood. Even as a little girl I had a fanfic … [Read more...]