A Year of Zombie Fear


When I was little, my nerves were unshakable.  I read and watched anything that was scary and age-appropriate (and quite a few things that weren't).  Goosebumps?  Had it covered.  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark?  Sure thing.  I wrote short stories that were likely ripped off from inspired by the Poe and Bradbury I was reading and the episodes of Are You Afraid of the Dark? I was watching.  The only time I can remember being scared by something I read was the topiary scene from The Shining.  I … [Read more...]

Genre Invasion: Aliens, Zombies and Werewolves, Oh My


I'm calling it now: vampires are on their way out.   Okay, let's be real.  Vampires will never really die (pun intended).  They've been enjoying a slow, steady burn of popularity for the last 30 years at least.  The combination of sheer horror and a monster who looks normal - or attractive - has ignited our imaginations for years.  The vampire mythology is loose enough that you can make nearly any kind of vampire you like (as evidenced by Whitewolf's Vampire: the Masquerade series).  Vampires … [Read more...]

Why The Walking Dead Is The Most Emotionally Riveting Show On TV

walking dead

For some reason, zombies are hot right now. While their undead cousins the vampires have long enjoyed popularity in print and on the screen (and a good deal of sexification, too – not that I have any complaints about that), it seemed that zombies were a little too gross, too scary, or maybe even too real a fear to have a widespread mainstream following. That’s changed recently. Why, I’m not entirely sure, but suddenly zombies are something everyone talks about. Perhaps it’s the sense of … [Read more...]

Machete: Stepping Into the Larger World of Rodriguez


I saw Machete on opening night - and I loved it, just as I expected I would.  There's an extra layer of fun in this movie, however, that only Rodriguez fans will enjoy; the people, music, and even props that make it, unmistakably, a Rodriguez film.  You can be in on the joke, too!  All it takes is a little movie-watching. See, Robert Rodriguez - one of the writers and directors on Machete - started out as a small, indie filmmaker.   To save money, he became adept at all stages of … [Read more...]

GenCon 2010 Update: Castle Ravenloft Board Game

Castle Ravenloft Board Game Cover Art

Before we even got our badges, a group of bloggers got whisked away to a secret storage room in the Indy Convention Center to play Castle Ravenloft the board game, to be released by Wizards of the Coast in just a couple weeks (8/17/10). For those unfamiliar, Castle Ravenloft is one of THE most famous vampire adventures ever. Many a D&D player has fond memories of fighting Strahd. If you know Dan from Obsidian Portal, he has an awesome Strahd story that involves a very crafty cleric and a … [Read more...]